Update 20170710 18:27
I managed to buy the domain that was deleted.

Update 20170721 17:14:
This site is basically under new ownership, I am a M3 E30 owner myself.
Until I'll find time to put something up myself I'll use this Version of the site that I found in a archive.
If you want to present you car, want something removed please do not hesitate to contact me at webmaster@m3e30.com

Update 2020.03.30 00:48 CEST:
The domain changes ownership once again
It's march 2020, also called the month of Corona in Central Europe.
I am sitting at home, bored out of my mind, doing some work on my cars and I want to document all the work I have done to my E30 M3s. So I asked the person who grabbed the domain three years ago if he/she would be interested into letting the domain go. We found a fair price, just above domain registration costs, thanks again!

The goal of this site is to docuemt all of the restauration work I have done to my E30 M3s as well as my other special Edition M3s, a E36 GT as well as a E46 CSL
I used to be friends with the original owner of the site, who sadly passed away in February 2020.
It was me how build the initial website out of my childhood bedroom you're still looking at, 20 years after the fact.
I might be able to restore the missing sites and pictures.
But this is the early stages

Update 2020.03.30 10:43 CEST:
The domain is transfered to the registrar I use and I've moved the domain to my webserver. Email is also setup.

Update 2020.08.17 19:58 CEST:
The son of the original owner of the side found a copy and is currently uploading the content of the original website.
Thank you very much for that!


This website is a pure hobby project, we have no a affiliation with BMW AG, BMW M GmbH or any of there partners. If you see any copywrite violated please do not hesitate to contact me at webmaster@m3e30.com

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